FAQ's for Parents

What kind of students does Individual U. work with?

Individual U. works with students of all ages and grades who are struggling in their academic settings and require individualized academic remediation. Each student has his or her own unique learning profile with particular strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore difficult to provide a succinct summary of the students we help. Some have diagnosed learning differences. Others have more subtle undiagnosed or subclinical learning challenges. Many require individualized support following a transition to a new grade or school, while a significant number come midyear after falling behind or becoming overwhelmed in one or more classes. In some cases, students come to us with damaged self-esteem and struggle to identify an area of interest or ability. In others, they show enormous potential in one or more academic subject but struggle to master underlying skills necessary for success in classroom environments.

The best way to get a sense of the variety of students we help is to speak directly with Dr. Stephen Rudin at 212-721-2607 and to read descriptions similar to the types of students we help at Who We Help.