FAQ's for Parents

How is Individual U. different from regular tutoring?

At Individual U., we recognize that no two children are the same. In fact, it is a driving principle that motivates everything we do. We move beyond one-size-fits-all tutoring models and instead work collaboratively and closely with your child and his or her outside support team to develop an individualized academic support strategy. Our collaboration often extends across multiple domains, ranging from frequent discussions with parents and family members to meetings with teachers, headmasters, guidance counselors, coaches and physicians. During this process, your child works one-on-one with a team of remarkable tutor-mentors capable of teaching subject material (ranging from introductory to advanced levels) in a way that is sensitive to his or her unique needs. What’s more, these academic sessions are not isolated events. Instead, mentors actively reflect and collaborate with one another to best determine how we can respond to each student’s constantly evolving learning profile. We do so through the creation of a confidential database of mentor session notes and through weekly meetings held by the entire mentoring staff. Throughout our work, we are informed by discussions of groundbreaking scholarship in executive function approaches. For more information on Individual U.’s unique process, see What We Do.