FAQ's for Parents

Does Individual U. mentor all academic subjects?

Individual U. mentors students in all traditional academic subjects, including math, science, history, English, literature, and foreign languages. Mentors identify students’ current level of knowledge and any gaps in basic learning and skills, and work with students at their own pace in a way that engages them as learners. Students who experience difficulty with romance languages have responded very successfully to learning in our special Japanese Language for LD students Program through the Individual U. Institute of Japanese Language and Culture.

Many students come to Individual U. struggling with grade-appropriate reading comprehension and writing skills that have made it impossible for them to perform well in traditional school settings. Working with mentors, students discover effective techniques to enhance reading comprehension, which improves performance across many academic subjects. Students at Individual U. also learn a variety of writing skills, including those necessary to write effective essays, term papers, creative writing and poetry. Others work to improve their writing skills so they will be able to represent themselves well when applying to high schools or colleges. Each year, students who have an interest in creative writing work with our mentors on plays, screenplays, personal blogs, and attempts at first novels, as well.