For Health Professionals

How do students react to working at Individual U.?

Each student who comes to Individual U. comes with a unique circumstance and background that influences his or her feelings about working with IU mentors. A number of students who come to Individual U. have previously had negative academic experiences and, as a result, have lost faith in their competence as learners or the ability of anyone else to help them. Meeting with the mentoring team during the Eye to IU intake, learning how others students have succeeded at Individual U., and understanding that we work one-on-one with students in a manner that best fits their abilities and learning style often significantly lessens their anxiety.

Because of the skills of the mentor/tutoring team, students who enroll in Individual U. programs are often able to grasp or fully understand topics that have alluded them previously, thereby adding to their sense of relief at having come to a place where they finally feel understood. That said, no student’s program, whether full-time or part-time, is possible without moments of challenge or difficulty. And, in those circumstances, Individual U. does its best to provide support and encouragement so they may continue their work.