FAQ's for Educators

Why would you recommend Individual U. over other well-known tutors or tutoring companies?

It’s not Individual U. that recommends itself over well known tutors or tutoring companies – it is the parents, teachers, administrators, therapists, evaluators and educational consultants who have worked with us over the years. And, in some cases, well known tutors and tutoring companies themselves refer students to us, noting that they need the integrated, collaborative mentoring and executive function support that we are uniquely able to offer.

Individual U. responds to students’ individual needs to create a highly supportive, adaptive academic remediation/enrichment program. Throughout this process, we embed executive function skill mentoring to help students understand how they learn best while helping them discover how to organize themselves and navigate their learning universe. We also communicate closely with parents and – wherever possible – schools, therapists, neuropsychological evaluators, coaches and doctors to help facilitate student success.