FAQ's for Educators

What practical and ethical boundaries does Individual U. maintain when helping students with their work?

Individual U., first and foremost, adheres to its own philosophy, which is to teach students to learn how to learn without doing their work for them.  We embed executive function in our academic remediation so that students may become self-sufficient self-confident learners. Beyond this, Individual U. respects the rules, regulations and honor codes of the schools its students attend.

In terms of our own process and how it impacts the ethics of providing support for students, we tend to support students who have just started Individual U. with a considerable amount of scaffolding and shared insight. But we do not provide information or sufficient insight that would change the balance of whether a student’s own ideas were key in constructing a thesis, writing an essay, completing a paper or proposing a project. Our job is to remediate learning issues, mentor academic content and impart the executive function skills that allow students to navigate their world and have the greatest possible success.