Why It Works

Ten Reasons why Individual U. Works So Well

  1. Our unique mentor-tutors, who have a passion for leveling the playing field for students who are falling through the cracks. To be a mentor-tutor at Individual U., one must be compassionate and have an open heart. Mentor/tutors must be remarkable, flexible and adaptable educators. They must bring to their mentoring their experiences from working in the real world at the cutting edge of their professions, have deep commitment and respect for all students, and must have been educated at highly regarded institutions.
Regardless of the area of mentoring, be it physics, math, yoga or tango, all of the mentors are additionally required to be highly skilled writers and communicators.
  2. Extensive communication and relationship building with parents, schools, therapists, neuropsychological evaluators, coaches, and doctors. This collaboration gives struggling students every opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and insight of an entire team of professionals.

  3. Active communication with students throughout the day to hear their concerns and respond to their needs. Our student-centric communication also continues into the evening, with mentors sometimes contacting students by phone or email to help scaffold their work at home.

  4. Our unique collaborative mentoring approach whereby each student is assigned a specific team of mentors who will best fit their specific needs. Some of these mentors work on academics. A second group works on social/emotional insight. And a third focuses on practices promoting focus, the channeling of energy and enhancement of self-esteem. They all work as a tightly integrated team, exchanging their experience with students hour-to-hour. They also share any emotional and learning insights that they may have that can be of help to a student’s overall learning program.

  5. Our experience remediating student learning differences in the context of content-mentoring the subject content and curricula of many New York City independent schools.

  6. Our mentoring approach, which combines academic remediation and enrichment with the embedding of executive function skills that are requisite for successfully navigating school and life beyond.

  7. The mentors’ own continuing learning in the areas of learning differences and disabilities through the ongoing guidance, in-service and co-mentoring  sessions.

  8. Information that virtually no other organization can generate. Our confidential, interactive database of mentor notes serves as a resource Dr. Rudin can access to provide feedback to parents, schools, therapists about a child’s behavior, performance, patterns, possible areas of conflict or concern and progress during the course of a given day. In essence, after a number of weeks, there is a small book that exists on any child. After a year, the child’s work and actions have spoken volumes, and the volumes are captured in our digital database for all appropriate parties to learn from.

  9. Dr. Rudin’s reputation and working relationship with schools, learning specialists, therapists, psychoeducational testers, psychiatrists, educational therapists, educational consultants, and technologists. These collaborations allow him to create far reaching programs that would otherwise be unavailable.

  10. Success begets success: after ten years of doing this extremely well, we simply know how to do it.