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Thomas attended the same elite New York City private school as his father and grandfather, marking three generations of tradition. He had made it through the school’s high level curriculum in past years, but the much more rigorous pace of its 8th grade academic program was threatening to derail both his academic and athletic career. His parents tried excellent tutors, but remediating Thomas’s organizational and academic difficulties proved extremely challenging. With all of his subjects, his support simply needed many more hours of time, experience and organizational/executive function skills remediation than anyone seemed to have available. His ability to continue into the even harder 9th grade was a subject of discussion in a number of quarters.

The school administration suggested calling Dr. Rudin. They felt that his unique learning challenges warranted an individualized program that could scaffold all of his academic and executive function needs while teaching him to wield newfound skills more independently in the future. After going through Individual U.’s standard intake process, Dr. Rudin and a team of mentors created a program that would meet his needs and facilitate all necessary communication between Individual U., his family and school. In it, his mentors worked with him on afternoons and Sundays, thereby permitting him to remain in his school while fulfilling his athletic obligations. The program also included individualized work to prepare him for the SSAT and, more generally, his entrance into secondary school.

The remainder of 8th grade and then 9th grade proved to be no less difficult and rigorous for Thomas than anyone had expected. But with a program that helped him bring his best skills to the fore while mentoring his areas of academic difficulty, his performance became increasingly self-motivated and admirable. His athletic performance also continued to shine, particularly as his academic burden lifted, and he was eventually successful in gaining a place in a very fine secondary school.