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An A student and talented golfer, Laura had her heart set on attending an Ivy League university. However, midway through her high school career, she contracted a terrible case of Lyme disease that severely diminished her capacity for rote memory and left her fatigued. As a result, she could barely lift her clubs or get out of bed most mornings.  She loved high-level academics and had previously been able to balance class work with a demanding sports schedule, but her illness made the grind of regular school far too exhausting. Her parents sought a high-level private education option that would help her get through her illness. At the same time, they needed a program that colleges would respect.

Laura’s parents contacted an Upper East Side educational consultant who suggested that she might benefit from an academic program at Individual U. Interested in learning more about the organization, her parents scheduled a phone conversation followed by a meeting with Dr. Rudin and Matthew Kelly, IU’s Executive Vice President. Dr. Rudin in turn gave them the contact information of several parents and professionals familiar with Individual U.’s work. After speaking with these individuals, they decided to have Laura meet with the Eye to IU mentoring team.

So as not to overly tax her, in the course of several afternoons, Laura met with mentor/tutors in poetry, science, mathematics, literature and history. They began reviewing the material she had missed in class and helped her deal with the classroom challenges she experienced as a result of her illness. Fortunately, Laura’s illness began to remit midyear under the care of her team of Lyme Disease specialists and with it her academic work at Individual U. became stronger. However, her fatigue was such that her parents decided on the home-schooling option for the remainder of the year. Laura came to Individual U. on a flexible schedule that gave her time for extended sleep, high-level academics, memory enhancement strategies, and even occasional visits to an indoor golf range in the late afternoon. Later in the spring, her illness was nearly completely resolved and she was able to resume playing golf; she looked forward to her subsequent year back in her school where she did extremely well. She currently attends one of the top ranked universities in the United States.