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Daniel was nervous about transitioning from his special education middle school to 7th grade in a more mainstream school, but he wanted to try. He had worked hard in many subjects to bring himself to grade level. However, after several years of struggling in math in highly supportive environments, he was significantly behind his peers in his old school – and his new school would be even more difficult. His parents felt he would need intensive remediation to construct a foundation in fundamental math knowledge – something neither teachers nor tutors had accomplished in the past.

His parents shared their dilemma with an educational consultant who knew Individual U. well, having worked closely with them often. An introductory meeting was set up with Dr. Rudin. Following it, Dr. Rudin and Individual U.’s mentoring team met with Daniel to determine his strengths and difficulties. During the visit, Daniel expressed comfort in the one-on-one mentoring strategy and showed interest in learning math with the mentors he met – a surprise for his family who had witnessed him struggle with math in classroom settings for years.

Dr. Rudin in turn initiated discussions with Daniel’s new headmaster and, together, they crafted a highly collaborative intervention program. In it, Individual U.’s math mentors taught Daniel in a one-on-one setting, working in conjunction with the school to ensure that all assignments met curriculum expectations. As a result of this individualized approach, Daniel successfully completed his class’ math curriculum and received credit for it. At the same time, he was able to remain in his new school and attend all other classes with his peers.  He’s now a member of the school’s honor roll, is close to grade-level in math, and has become an active member of his new school’s community.