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Bella was a gifted modern dancer in highly competitive girl’s school who was overextended between her passion for dance and an extremely challenging academic schedule.  And while she always struggled with organizational challenges, her recent academic work seemed to demand a level of planning that was far beyond her capabilities.  This was particularly true in math and standardized test preparation. Despite months of SAT prep work with one of the best-known test prep organizations, her PSAT and SAT scores consistently portrayed her as a mediocre student. After discussing the matter together, she and her parents decided that she needed to acquire stronger organizational skills and accord herself much better on standardized exams to attend a top tier college.

Her parents first learned of Individual U. after discussing Bella’s situation with friends who had previously sought Individual U.’s help for their own children. After speaking with this family, Bella’s parents contacted Individual U. and set up an appointment with Drs. Rudin. During their meeting, they discussed the many executive function skills college requires and the immense difficulty standardized tests such as the SAT pose for students with unique organizational challenges.

Bella soon visited Individual U. for her own meeting with Dr. Rudin and the organization’s executive mentoring team. There, she discussed her frustration with both the SAT and the tutoring approaches her family had previously tried. Bella’s mentors in turn crafted a summer and after-school program that taught key SAT verbal and math concepts while embedding executive function training. Very pleased with her newfound prowess and how efficiently she worked, she and her family chose to continue her mentoring at Individual U. for another year. Bella compiled a laudable academic record, earned a high percentile score on her SAT exams, and was offered admission at a top university where she continues to pursue her interests in dance.