Who We Help


Rebecca was a quiet and shy sixth grade student who had always done grade level work. But over the years, her teachers never described her as having an area of strength and, as a result, she had become self-conscious. Her family decided to have neuropsychological testing but it uncovered no obvious learning disabilities. However, they became increasingly concerned midway through her 6th grade year when she began covering up her confusion, pretending to understand material instead of asking for help. Her classroom performance began to slide and with it went much of her excitement for learning. When her school began sending notes home, her family decided that she would benefit from dedicated after-school help both to reinforce the material she was missing and to help her learn how to become a better learner.

In conversation with their friends and family therapists, Individual U. was suggested as a place where she might get the most beneficial help. Her parents soon met with Dr. Rudin, who planned a remediation program for her that integrated academic work with executive function skill building. Because she was young and lived so far downtown, some of her mentoring program was implemented at Individual U.’s Upper East Side office while at other times, mentors came to her home.

The work immediately began to show results. Becky soon grew confident in her writing and, not long after, in mathematics – both of which had formerly given her a great deal of trouble. In time, she became a much more curious and determined student who was willing to ask questions when she wasn’t sure of something. After several months of working with Individual U., Becky was accepted at a highly competitive specialized middle school. During her first year in the new school, Individual U. unscaffolded her from the help she had been receiving but spoke with her on occasion to provide positive reinforcement. In the course of the 7th grade, she continued to improve academically and by the spring earned three “excellents” and two “satisfactories” in one of the most competitive middle schools in the city.