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EckSamantha was a very bright 7th grade student who had always loved her downtown elementary school. But early in the year, she began floundering and what were once B’s quickly slid into low C’s and D’s and threatened to become F’s. Her dean said she was a great kid, but that the increased expectations of 7th grade were too much for her. Her teachers agreed, noting that the school simply had too swift a current. Following meetings with school administrators, her parents determined that she needed academic remediation to improve her grades, become independent, and repair her badly damaged self-esteem. They also knew that she performed poorly on standardized tests and would need individualized test prep to get into another school.

After exploring various tutoring options, Samantha’s parents shared their concern with close family friends who were actively involved in New York City’s private school community. Familiar with Dr. Rudin’s work at Individual U., they recommended calling him to see if Individual U.’s collaborative mentoring approach might be the best solution for Samantha’s needs. Following their call and an initial meeting with Dr. Rudin, they scheduled Samantha for “Eye to IU” intake sessions with Individual U.’s mentoring staff. She responded enthusiastically to these mentoring sessions, reporting that she enjoyed working on several topics that had previously caused her significant confusion and as a result wanted to come back.

Following these initial steps, Dr. Rudin and the executive team created a unique program of after school and weekend mentor/tutoring that taught critical subject material from her school’s curriculum while embedding key executive function skills to help Samantha become independent. Her team was comprised of Individual U.’s most experienced and compassionate mentor/tutors and implemented a program in a way most sensitive to her needs. Within weeks, her teachers began noting marked improvements in her performance and confidence levels. Individual U. also advised her family as they considered possible school placements for her 8th to 9th grade transition year and ultimately created a scaffolded program to teach her the executive function skill set she needed to succeed in her new school. She was also given individualized preparation for the ISEE exam, requisite for transferring between New York City independent schools. In part through Individual U.’s longstanding relationships with several New York City schools, Samantha was contingently offered a place in a far more appropriate school. She continued to work on her foundation in executive function skills throughout the summer and in her first year in the new school.