Who We Help

Individual U. works with kids, adolescents and young adults who are in some way struggling as learners. Many have newly diagnosed learning disabilities. Some are overwhelmed by a recent transition to a new school or grade. Others lack the organizational and study skills necessary to succeed in their rigorous schools. And more than a few “twice exceptional” students are incredibly intelligent but languish in classroom settings that are unable to facilitate their intellectual endeavors while supporting their vulnerabilities.
 Our collaborative mentor-tutor model was created to handle all of these types of situations and has extensive experience with students and young adults of all ages and grades.

We don’t merely recognize that every child presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities – we create uniquely individualized programs to address their needs. And we are both flexible enough and have the resources necessary to respond to the needs of each child.

We are also a source of substantial support and help for parents. We recognize that children struggling in schools sometimes create stressful situations in their homes and family lives. Dr. Rudin and the executive mentoring team communicate extensively with parents. In addition, Dr. Rudin often shares confidential notes from our mentor-note database so that parents can have a much closer understanding of their child’s progress.

Finally, Individual U. is a widely valued resource for schools, collaborating with them to help struggling students right themselves so they may remain parts of their school community. And, in concert with schools and families, we help act as a transitional bridge in circumstances where a given school is simply the wrong fit for a specific child. In all instances, Individual U. has the deepest commitment to its collaboration with independent and public schools around the city in the service of families and children.

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