When & Where


Because our mission is to provide life-changing learning, in particular to students who are falling through the cracks, we make all attempts possible to remain available 365 days a year, 24/7. In certain circumstances, we work in students’ homes as well as their schools. We also mentor students long distance through the aid of digital technologies.

During the school year, we work with students for both full-time and part-time programs. In the case of full-time students, children who are being home-schooled by their parents with accreditation through the New York City Board of Education come to Individual U. for subject-specific and executive function mentoring. These programs are individualized to best fit student and family schedules, and may entail traditional 9:00-5:00 mentoring hours or other arrangements.

In the case of part-time programs, Individual U. works with students after school, on weekends, and in half-time arrangements. Sometimes, Individual U. provides scaffolding or support for students’ work in their full-time institutions. In other cases, students come to Individual U. for part of the day and a New York City school for the remainder. During vacation periods, ongoing students and students from out-of-town schools come to Individual U. for intensive remediation in academic subjects as well as executive function skills.

During the summer, Individual U. also works with students from New York and far greater distances. Many students come for two-week intensives prior to the beginning of each school year. During these intensives, they are pre-taught some of the more challenging aspects of their upcoming curricula and receive help to get back into academic tune for the coming year. In summers, students also travel with the Individual U. Institute of Language and Culture to Japan for immersion experiences in Japanese language and a remarkable introduction to the culture, history and beauty of this timeless land.

Summer also serves as the time when Individual U. mentors athletes from around the city whose schools and coaches believe they could benefit from academic remediation or support. The more leisurely summer pace affords the opportunity for them to work on both foundational skills and master new topics that may present particular challenges in the upcoming year.


The Main Individual U. Office – Individual U.’s current main office is located in a comfortable, spacious space located at 23rd Street and 5th Avenue.  It includes learning pods, project rooms, a library, community space and outdoor areas. For movement related activities, there are also spaces for Tai-chi and tango, as well as machines and equipment for exercise and conditioning. Students find Individual U. to be a relaxing, welcoming place where they can learn to work effectively both with tutor-mentors and on their own.  At the same time, we take advantage of so much of what New York has to offer to expand and enrich learning programs, including the nearby wealth of museums, parks, art galleries, cultural institutions and businesses.