Transition to a New School

Individual U. has had great success preparing students to successfully transition to new schools. This is true both for students who, after struggling in high powered schools, are transitioning to environments with less swift currents in addition to those who are moving from special education or reduced pace settings to more mainstream classroom environments.

Students who are currently attending schools with swift learning currents and having difficulty succeeding do not necessarily find success by immediately transitioning to a new school in which the current is slowed. Oftentimes, critical learning issues at the heart of their difficulty at the first school need to be remediated. And students’ self-esteem may be diminished or damaged after unsuccessful or painful experiences. It is therefore wise to remediate learning issues and help students learn skills and techniques for enhancing self-esteem before/during a transition into a new school.

For students coming from special education or slower paced mainstream environments who are planning on transitioning to faster paced mainstream schools, we take great care to strengthen subject fundamentals and executive function skills. We work closely with schools where students plan to transition so that we can pre-teach the subject matter most likely to give them difficulty. Throughout the process, we embed executive function skills training in all content we tutor/mentor.