Preparation for Standardized Exams

Individual U. works primarily with students who have learning challenges to help them prepare for the following examinations: ISEE, SSAT, SSHSAT, ACT, SAT I, SAT II, AP exams and NYCSST. The majority of these students work on standardized test preparation in the context of their ongoing academic mentoring. However, a significant number with learning issues for whom typical or “cookie cutter” test-prep approaches have not been successful are referred to Individual U. exclusively for test prep work.

At Individual U., we employ a highly individualized approach to help these students not only master the subject matter aspects of the exams but also acquire the skills necessary to successfully navigate the exam format. It is not unusual for students who have been unsuccessful with traditional test preparation and who come to Individual U. for a combination of test preparation/subject matter remediation to improve by three or more stanines in the ISEE exams and as much as 200 points higher on their SATs in comparison to their PSATs.

As space allows, Individual U. also occasionally accepts students who perform extraordinarily well on standardized tests but who require focused work on particular skill areas to achieve absolutely top tier scores.