Pre-College Peak-Year Programs

Increasing numbers of high school seniors are taking gap years prior to entering college. For a variety of reasons, these seniors find themselves questioning whether they’re ready for the challenges of college – even in cases where already they have already been accepted. For some, the intuition they are insufficiently prepared – academically, socially and/or emotionally – may be spot on.

Others who are struggling with some confluence of social and emotional immaturity, organizational issues, or executive function challenges may not have the self-monitoring skills necessary to assess their readiness to move on. Instead, it may be concerned parents, educational consultants or therapists who recognize that a college acceptance letter does not mean that a student will be well served by immediately beginning college studies. Immediate entry into college would present these students with an overwhelming challenge, possibly leading to a painful downward spiral. Moreover, in some of the more rigorous independent and public schools, students who have been fueled by extensive tutoring and test cramming may lack the independent skills, self-direction and motivation necessary to succeed in college.

At Individual U., we have created individualized pre-college gap-year programs that range in length from three to twelve months. These programs include intensive mentoring to help students develop the skill sets necessary for independent success. As part of this process, we often work with students and their families to identify appropriate work or travel experiences to complement their Individual U. pre-college experience.  The intention and outcome has been students who are better prepared academically, emotionally, and socially for college life ahead.