Executive Function / Self-Awareness Programs

Many students come to Individual U. because they lack the general ability to navigate the universe of school, organize their work, remain on top of assignments, plan as needed, keep track of multiple tasks, respond constructively to difficulty on exams/papers, understand how their school works as an institution, etc. All of these skills are only part of the larger rubric of executive function skills.

At Individual U., we find that students benefit from actively studying the nature of their learning challenges, particularly when they involve executive functions. Team members – including our Principal Mentor, our Head of Special Learning Needs, and mentors with great experience in social and emotional competency – work closely with each student to break down the many facets of executive function. Through this process, they help each student understand which executive function skills are most relevant to their own learning challenges so that they may develop and strengthen them. We also calibrate our mentoring to appropriately engage students based on their age, grade, level of understanding and sense of self-awareness.

Many students with executive function issues experience struggle or failure across the board in their subject studies, leading to diminished or damaged self-esteem. Therefore, Individual U.’s work with executive function problems is often coupled with academic remediation and self-confidence/self-esteem building practices, including mentoring in Tai Chi Chuan and Argentine tango.