Collaborations with Independent Schools

Individual U. functions as a unique bridge in its special collaborative arrangements with a growing number of independent schools throughout New York City. The purpose of these collaborations is to help schools to accommodate the needs of students who can benefit greatly from being a part of their community but who cannot have all of their needs met in one learning environment. Schools may enroll students who benefit socially and emotionally from their classroom environments but who need the much higher level academic simulation Individual U. can offer at other times during the day. Other collaborations with schools allow them to accept students who are generally good fits for their programs but who have extreme weaknesses in one or two subjects. These students require special remediation so that they can eventually attend grade level subject-matter classes with their peers. To use the student’s time most efficiently, Individual U. may send mentors to a school to mentor such a course in the same time slot as the student would have been scheduled for the school’s standard subject course.

Of course, the greatest beneficiary of such courses are the students and families who have searched unsuccessfully for a school to meet their needs and now have a functional option created by a school/Individual U. collaboration.

Individual U.’s close collaboration with schools also extends to helping students who cannot attend classes at their school for a period of time (be it a few days to a much more extended period) due to their own illness or injury, onset of emotional challenges, or illness or death of a family members. In such an instance, a school may refer a family to Individual U. for our “Jean Splice” program in which we obtain the curriculum, homework, and any other relevant test or materials from the school and create the best possible replication of the learning experience that they are missing. With the kind collaboration of their schools, students in the Jean Splice program have been able to keep up with essential work and avoid both repeated school years and the consequences of extremely poor grades. By virtue of our ten years as a highly effective collaborative organization, we are able to accept students who require an extensive number of hours of mentoring to learn and understand all of their school’s curriculum material.