Academic Remediation

Individual U. works with both children and young adults who have diagnosed learning disabilities as well as children who have learning differences (sometimes called “learning shadows”) that fall beneath the threshold required for a formal diagnosis of any specific disorder. Some come to Individual U. from the New York City’s most competitive academic environments. Others are transitioning from special education environments to mainstream ones. Still others are struggling in their special education environments but have areas of interest and ability.

We remediate and enrich academics, organizational skills, emotional intelligence, and learning flexibility for children with ADD/ADHD (attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactive disorder), NVLD (non-verbal learning disability), Asperger’s Syndrome, high functioning autism and other spectrum disorders.  In addition, many difficulties presented by students lack any specific clinical diagnosis.  A majority of the students we work with also have vulnerabilities in particular subjects that affect their performance in multiple academic areas. Characteristically, these gaps may not be evident in classroom environments.