What We Do

Individual U. provides life-changing learning experiences. Through a combination of remediating and enhancing each student’s academic skills and providing unique executive function support, children make rapid and remarkable progress. At the same time, their self-esteem is bolstered.

Because no two children are the same, no two experiences at Individual U. are identical.  We individualize each program for your child’s needs – based on his or her strengths, vulnerabilities, learning styles and interests.  And we create options that can work within the timeframe and constraints that each situation presents. A unique learning program is implemented for each student by a team of remarkable tutor-mentors who work with that child not just on academic subjects but on skills that build organization, self-esteem, emotional insight, and independence.

Individual U. is a community of respect and support for each student’s efforts. We build relationships with parents, teachers, schools, therapists and neuropsychological evaluators to facilitate the success of the work students do with us. A very high priority is placed on communication, which allows us to understand the goals of both schools and families.

As each Individual U. program is created for a unique student, it is impossible to communicate the full range of learning options available. However, we have identified several broad areas of mentoring focus that highlight the breadth and depth of Individual U.’s work. You may use the menu of program snapshots on the left to navigate through these brief descriptions of our different areas of focus. Note that most students’ actual programs combine many of these areas.