“My son was 20 years old and had already failed out of college. There didn’t seem to be any form of light at the end of the tunnel. At the age of 3 1/2, he was diagnosed with significant learning disabilities. As he grew older, he developed emotional issues, not uncommon among children who learn that they cannot succeed.

Individual U. presented what I believed was a last chance; I hoped for him to relearn or to learn for the first time the skills necessary to function. Through Individual U.’s methodology of individual mentoring, my son learned that he could succeed and master skills, which he previously believed he could not. When he came to individual U., he had recently been diagnosed with Oppositional Behavior Disorder. I now know that this diagnosis was not correct. He was not oppositional; he was just not receiving the tools that would permit him to learn.

Through his mentored sessions and non-combative chi channeling practices, he attained a sense of order and a sense of how things are ordered. I believe that he learned that there are sequences to life and that if he follows a certain path in a logical way, positive consequences will follow.

My son benefited greatly from his experience at Individual U. He is now a student at an automotive college where his attendance is perfect and his grades are excellent. He has a good sense of self-esteem and knows that he will achieve his goals if he works at it. He is working at it.” -A grateful parent