“When my son became withdrawn and school phobic following his mother’s long battle with cancer, and he failed to complete his junior year at a highly regarded independent school, we were both desperate. On the advice of an educational consultant, I sought out Dr. Stephen Rudin and his program at Individual U. Individual U. proved to be a Godsend for my son and for myself. These are people of great character, compassion and skill. An academic program was worked out to restore his confidence about academics as well as to teach him better skills to be successful in college. In addition, a great deal of time and effort was put into his social and psychological issues. The program at Individual U. addressed his social isolation as well. He was also involved in karate and dance classes so that not only was he able to focus on his intellectual and psychological growth, but also emphasize the physical components of his general well being. As a result of the work done at Individual U. he was able to apply and be accepted to early college. Our whole experience with Individual U. has been an outstanding one. I am certain that this program will be of great benefit to many children.” – Michael G. Neuwirth, M.D., parent