“My son refused to work with a tutor or accept any guidance or suggestions from me, he claimed he had his work and assignments under control which was not the case at all. He was angry and frustrated, denying he had any problems with his schoolwork, and he considered tutoring to be a form of cheating. Once he met with the mentors at Individual U. he was surprised at ‘how cool’ they were, he tried some Tai Chi Sword with Sensei Orange to help him relax and focus, he met with different mentors to see who might work most effectively with him and so we agreed he would give Individual U. a chance. Within three months there were huge changes, he began to learn how to study and work effectively, he had support to help him to learn how to get and stay organized and on top of his assignments. I could be a parent and not homework police. This is an ongoing process but increasingly he is more in charge and responsible. He knows that the guidance he receives at Individual U. is just that-no one is writing papers for him or doing his homework-he has to put in the time and effort to produce his work but it is just that- HIS work. I decided that it would be more useful to have an open dialogue with the school so they could be in touch with Individual U. should any issues arise. In fact it benefits all involved; the school has a better understanding of how seemingly bright and capable children can have their struggles and they have a resource that I hope will benefit other families and students, my son doesn’t have to have a ’secret’- he has wonderful mentors who are terrific role models and I am a better mother!” -BP