“My 7th grade son came to IU at a pivotal time in his school career.  An intelligent boy, he was not succeeding in his language-focused school and the negative impact on his self-esteem was profound; he was clearly on a downward scholastic and emotional spiral.  IU has been his saving grace.  The layers of support in all subject matters and the quality of the mentors all make for an unparalleled experience.  Who would have imagined that my son could both savor and enjoy his time at IU despite an intense schedule of nearly 3 hours a day?  His writing and reading have improved dramatically, he is more confident in math and, as a whole, he is learning how to be a student. This is no ordinary ‘tutoring’ program.  IU is life changing for children in academic crisis. Next year he will attend a school much better suited to his strength and vulnerabilities, and we have IU to thank for that as well.” - An Incoming York Prep Parent