“IU turned my kid’s life around.

Although my son was obviously bright, he never lived up to his potential at school.  I wasn’t sure if it was immaturity, inattention, or laziness, but I figured he’d grow out if it.  By the time he hit middle school, and the academic challenges increased, so did the problems.  Psychological stresses outside the classroom worsened, hormones hit, and we had a perfect storm.  Despite tutors several days a week, regular meetings with his teachers, and supportive therapy, my son stopped doing his work and ultimately stopped going to school.

Stephen Rudin and the mentors at Individual U rescued us.  We pulled my son out of school to break the cycle of failure and anxiety.  The mentors worked with him to remediate academic and executive issues.  After a month, he was able to return to his elite private school.  With continued support from his mentors, he has not missed a day of school, is current with his assignments and is maintaining a B average.  Dr. Rudin has helped us pick a high school that is a more appropriate match.  I am confident that my son will make a successful transition.

Individual U is not a tutoring service.  The mentors teach much more than their specific academic specialty – they teach kids how to apply themselves to get the most out of life.  And Dr. Rudin is more than a director, he is an adolescent whisperer.  He was the first consultant who immediately understood my son and had a clear plan for improvement.  Six months after starting with IU, I have a happy, healthy, and confident kid who actually seems to enjoy doing his work.  Dr. Rudin is the only one not surprised.” - LMK, a York Prep Parent