“I remember the afternoon that I first spoke with Stephen Rudin. He responded to my telephone call with a sense of urgency that was frankly stunning. Stephen listened to my story in an active and careful way. I immediately trusted Stephen and felt comfortable exposing my concerns and fears about my son. I knew immediately that I had found the right solution for my son Jared. Stephen is extraordinarily gifted; he’s a teacher, learner, mentor, coach, partner and friend. He has both the intellect and compassion to reach a child’s mind, heart and soul. Stephen demonstrated the ability to quickly gain Jared’s trust and renew my son’s confidence in how talented and special he is. Stephen made observations about Jared’s learning style that you’d expect from someone who has known Jared his entire life! He works with him in a way that helps him learn, make connections and have fun in the process. Stephen has allowed Jared to explore his own passions within the context of new and unique learning opportunities and teachable moments. I talk about Individual U. to everyone who will listen. Individual U. is a unique environment. Because of Individual U., I am again confident that Jared will have the tools to tackle any learning and life challenges he may encounter in the future.” – KD