Summer Academic Intensives

The summer provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop an understanding of academic subjects that caused them difficulty in the previous academic year (and may thus provide an insufficient foundation for advanced work in the coming year). In addition, students may wish to preview upcoming subjects that are likely to give them difficulty based on their own academic history and input from friends, teachers, school advisors and mentors.

By making use of the break in school studies to address gaps in students’ understanding of specific subjects, students may significantly increase their likelihood of succeeding in the same content area come fall. This is particularly true for middle and high school curricula, wherein subjects build upon one another in content and rigor. Those who struggle one year in math or science, for example, frequently begin the next year at a significant disadvantage, as teachers assume a mastery of previously covered content. A similar situation is seen in subjects such as English, history and foreign languages, wherein teachers rapidly begin assigning increasingly more complex course readings and research paper projects. By utilizing the summer months to address areas of confusion and build fundamental academic skill sets, students enter school in the fall better equipped to learn the year’s material.

Individual U.’s Summer Academic Intensive Programs are designed to remediate each student’s unique academic difficulties. Students enrolled in a summer intensive program work one-on-one with our team of mentors to rapidly increase their level of familiarity with and ability in specific academic content areas. Mentors approach the material in a gentle yet thorough manner, helping students increase their level of confidence and comprehension in a nonjudgmental setting.

In addition to addressing foundational gaps in students’ understanding, Summer Academic Intensive Programs may include pre-teaching of material to be covered in students’ fall school curricula. This dynamic approach permits students to not only gain an understanding of content covered in previous years, but also to understand how it applies to the material they will see in the coming school year. Summer Academic Intensive programs also frequently include subject-specific and/or global executive function remediation.

The length of Summer Academic Intensives is determined based upon each student’s unique needs. However, typically students will enroll in two-week, four-week or eight-week programs, which may be comprised of half-day or full-day sessions several times per week. In designing summer programs, we collaborate with students and families to ensure that students have adequate time to rest and enjoy the summer. In many cases, the student’s relationship with Individual U. continues into the fall, with mentors working with him or her to implement strategies developed over the summer.

As with all Individual U. programs, opportunities exist to individualize Academic Intensives to include sports, athletic training, chi channeling arts, dance, fine arts and other areas in which enriched study is desired.