Back-to-School Preparation Programs

Students frequently return to school in the fall uncertain of what to expect. This is especially true if they are in the process of transferring schools or are anxious about the changes in going from lower to middle or middle to upper school. They are often unaware of the subject material their teachers will introduce and apprehensive at the prospect of increased academic rigor and heightened expectations. Furthermore, in middle and high schools, students are given little time to settle back into their school settings before rigorous class work and homework assignments begin pouring in. As a result, some students may get off to a very poor start, which can result in a poor impression of their abilities from both teachers and classmates.

Each August, Individual U.’s Back-to-School Preparation Programs work with students to increase their ability to hit the ground running at the start of the school year. For students who are changing schools, this helps to create a “transition without trauma.” Students enrolled in this Individual U. program work one-on-one with our team of mentors for two, three or four week programs in August. Our remarkable mentors spend this time pre-teaching students the material to be covered in their schools’ fall curricula while embedding executive function scaffolding into the work. It is common, for example, for students to work with mentors for several weeks in the summer to establish a familiarity and foundational ability in subjects such as algebra, chemistry, U.S. history and World literature.

Back to school preparedness programs frequently include specific one-on-one remediation to address students’ underlying executive function difficulties. This work, combined with subject-specific academic preparation, helps students develop core strategies and tools for understanding and completing class assignments. Often, a student’s relationship with Individual U. continues into the school year with mentors working with him or her after school and/or on weekends (either in person or via Skype) to help implement new executive function strategies and digest subject material.

As with all Individual U. programs, opportunities exist to expand Back-to-School Preparation Programs to include sports, athletic training, chi channeling arts, dance, fine arts and other areas in which enriched study is desired. Back-to-School Preparation Programs can be individualized for one, two, three weeks or the entire month of August and often continue into the first week of September.