Additional Activities and Studies

Regardless of the program into which a student has enrolled, it is possible to arrange for additional hours in which he or she can pursue any of the following highly enjoyable and interesting enrichment areas. Furthermore, if a student has an area of desired enrichment that is not listed below, arrangements can be made for essentially any specialized enrichment course of study.

Samples of Available Enrichment Areas

The Great Books Series: A rigorous survey of a selection of great works of fiction spanning the past five hundred years. Readings are accompanied by written analysis projects which hone students’ analytical writing abilities. Reading selections are determined based upon each student’s background and interests.

Embracing Latin American Literature: An examination of several seminal works of Latin American literature. This course may be crafted such that all readings are conducted in Spanish. For students who have limited background in the language, sessions may utilize English-only readings and mixtures of Spanish and English readings.

Poetry Slam and Rap: A journey into the rhythms, rhymes and meanings of poetry, rap and the spoken word. Students study classic and contemporary poetry and create their own creative works.

New Directions – Writing for the Stage: A creative exploration of playwriting, including readings of the works of classic and contemporary playwrights. Students also create their own short and long-form plays.

Current Frontiers in Science: An in-depth exploration of cutting edge research, including contemporary work in genetics, epigenetics, stem cell research, immunology, cell biology, biotechnology and related fields.

Physics – Connecting Yesterday with Tomorrow: An examination of classical physics in concert with contemporary studies in the subject. This course establishes a dialogue between the past and the potential, strengthening students’ understanding of fundamentals while striving to peer into the future.

Biomedical Ethics – Ought vs. Can: An examination of major ethical issues that arise in contemporary scientific and medical practice. This course includes examinations of historical violations of rights and explores contemporary questions facing researchers and clinicians.

Japanese Language and Culture: Focused study of Japanese language and cultural practices, allowing new students to rapidly attain a familiarity with the language while permitting continuing students to hone their abilities to communicate in written and spoken forms.

The History of the 20th Century: An historical examination of the century that brought with it rapid transformations in the way we live. This course includes work in both primary and secondary sources in addition to written analysis assignments.

The Internet of Tomorrow: An analysis of the changes, transformations and future of social media, Internet communication and design. This course includes work in both primary and secondary sources in addition to written analysis assignments.

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Tai Chi/Tai Chi Sword: Study of the meditative, mental movement and martial applications of the long and short Yang form as well as Tai Chi sword. Sessions include indoor and outdoor work, physical practices, readings and oral histories of the great Tai Chi and martial arts masters, and literature/film studies.

Argentine Tango – The Music, the Movement, and New York’s Best Milongas: A creative exploration of Argentine tango with two of the most renowned dancers in the United States, if not the world. Students develop a deep understand and appreciation for the music and the orchestras that made it famous and come to understand the soul and steps of the dance, its meaning, attitudes and applications in life. Arrangements can be made to dance with our instructors in some of New York’s premier indoor and outdoor milongas (tango gatherings).