About Us


Stephen Rudin, MD – Founder, President & Principal Mentor: Stephen Rudin is a graduate of the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. A former Upward Bound Teacher of the Year, he has been a mentor of individuals from kindergarten through medical school for some 30 years. His work at Individual U. focuses on helping students in New York City, across the country and around the world who are struggling with executive function issues as well as a broad spectrum of learning challenges and educational traumas. He is also the founder of NLDTNYC Connects, bringing together national leaders in the area of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to better educate schools, students, parents, and therapists about NLD. Dr. Rudin’s best selling, award winning software and books include A.D.A.M.: The Inside Story, The Nine Month Miracle, and
 The Human Body: Fandex Family Field Guide.