About Us


Allison Meek: Allison Meek received her BA from Brown University in History and her MS in Education from Pace University. She continued her graduate studies at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, pursuing a degree in the History of Education. With over ten years of experience teaching in New York, Allison served as the Director of a Department of Education program which sought to empower disenfranchised students to teach in poor communities. As one of 16 recipients of The Freeman Experiment Teacher’s Project, Allison toured rural China and designed history curriculum on Maoist Revolutions for the public school system.

A native of Mississippi, Allison believes history is the collective human story told from a variety of conflicted sources and has immersed herself in interdisciplinary cultural documentation. She spent a year at the University of Mississippi’s Center for Southern Studies where she conducted fieldwork in folk history.  Allison’s interests include working with her husband on modern design architectural projects and raising her two children (the true source of her inspiration). A New York State Certified Teacher, Allison is passionate about inspiring students to take ownership of their personal learning processes.

At Individual U., Allison mentors students in history and English.